iPhone Repair

We can repair all iPhones with the most common issues with the warranty. Most problems can be fixed within an hour.

Tablet Repair

We can repair all android tablets, Samsung Tablets, LG Tablets, Amazon kindle Tablet, etc

Smartphone Repair

We can fix all smart phones running on android os. Most repairs can be done within an hour

iPad Repair

We offer service for all iPad series. Fast repair services. Genuine iPad spare parts used. Warranty on all iPad repairs.

Micro Soldering

We fix all common motherboard issues on pretty much all the devices

Network Issue

We repair all network related faults like No network, Weak signal, Call drop, No minimum inspection or diagnosis charges.

Screen Protection

We install Screen Protector / Tempered Glass, We have a large selection of screen protectors for all brands of smartphones

Broken Glass Replacement

We will replace all models smartphone, iPhone broken/cracked or scratched screen glass at affordable price

Water Damage Repair

We are a leading service provider We fix your water or liquid damaged mobile phones, iPad, tablets, or iPhones

Laptop Screen Replacement

We can repair or replace broken screens on laptops

Battery Replacement

Battery replacement services for all smartphones and iPhones. does not charge, battery drain fast, does not charge completely.

Charging Port Repair

We fix all Charging problems, Boot loop, keeps restarting, won't charge, slow charging, won't hold a charge, etc

Software Issues

We fix all issues associated with software and virus removal on ios, android, windows.

Hardware Issue

We fix all brands smartphones and iPhones at a good price with well-trained professional and provide limited warranty

Network/Screen Unlock

We Unlock all models of iPhone and Smartphone within hours. Don’t waste money on costly upgrades and replacements.